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Men’s Retreats

Costa Rica April 19 -24 and July 25-30, 2024 | 5th Annual

Forged in Fire MENTALITY

Iron Sharpens Iron Through A Brotherhood and Sacred Trust

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The future of mankind depends on men remembering and fighting for their hearts greatest desires through an ultimate and specific chief aim.

Before you arrived in human form, you observed a battle that no one was fighting, and it gave you so much fire that you defined it to be one of your great fights! Your body has become the weapon and your mentality the chief aim to your weapons great purpose. This great purpose is something you must remember though life’s adventures instead of finding it along the way! You made these decisions when you were in a state of divine consciousness of all past experiences and within you it stirred a cry for battle. The simple fact that you are here, means that you made the decision to take up some great battles from a place that is burning in your heart! This 6 day mastermind retreat in Costa Rica will evolve your origin story, reveal your battle plan, and give you the tools and brothers to assist in the evolution of your weapon.

Build A Mastermind

I do not have your battle plan and you may think that you do, but you don’t. The mastermind has your battle plan.

Get on The Warship

The time is now to get on the warship with a mastermind of men that work together to collect resources, travel, make strategic investments, and share opportunities for iron to sharpen iron.

Go Home Victoriously

Show up in all aspects of your life with the  clarity, focus, power, and sharpness needed to win the battles for your hearts greatest desires and fulfill the purpose you chose to fight for.

What are people saying about the Forged in Fire Mentality?

This experience will have you coming out the other side as a better man. Stronger, clearer, more open, and ready to do what it takes in the areas of your life that need the most attention.

The curriculum is outstanding, and the adventures, fun and brotherhood are the backdrop for the transformation you will surely experience.

I've done a lot of personal growth retreats and seminars, this is so much more that that. This is transformation through action.

I came home different in all the right ways, and those changes stuck.
Nathan McHone
Health Coach
In our mastermind circle, I've found a space where diverse minds unite to conquer challenges together. Crafting a shared purpose and supporting one another, we're not just shaping our paths but building a legacy built on trust and empathy.

Here, amidst friendship, we're geared up to triumph over future challenges.
Ruben Reyna
Category Purchasing Manager
Having worked in Law Enforcement, I’ve dealt with my fair share of over burden and stress. I realized that being in that environment and state of mind for so long had changed me. I didn’t like the person I was becoming having lost my family due to divorce, losing my friends due to negative mind sets, dealing with constant struggles and battles in what seemed to be every aspect of my life, I finally sought out help. Being in the Forged in Fire MENtality retreat really opened my eyes to the fights that are important and the fights that are just distractions aimed to knock you off your path to victory. It also allowed me the rest my exhausted body and mind needed to reset, and refocus. The bond of the new brotherhood formed with the men I worked alongside during the retreat is stronger than any other. My new sword is stronger and sharper than ever. Bring on the next challenge!
Tim Niedling
CEO of Better Late Than Never
I learned through a series of magical events that my purpose in this life is to be Providence. As a doctor and a husband and now a father. I am to be the providence that allows others to progress and grow, to arrive when needed and move everyone forward.
Dr. Zachary Kotlerman
Doctor of Chiropractic
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Iron sharpens iron and the mastermind of men.

Small and Large Group Discussions

Action and Adventures
in The Wild

Health and Wellness


Pre Retreat

The Origin Story

Complete the first step of the forging process, “The Origin Story” and submit revelations to questions no later than 1 week prior to the event.
Arrive at airport 2 hours prior to your flight for checkin and boarding with “The Battle Plan.” Other men may be rendezvousing at the connecting flight. PIckup from Costa Rica by fellow instructor Marizio Silva.

Day 1

The Battle Plan

Arrive at a private event location, and unwind with some local juices, fruits, and drinks poolside while the chef prepares some appetizers and a 3 course Costa Rican meal by Chef Franck. Finish the night with a discussion of the origin story and prepare to receive the battle plan together as a mastermind of men.

Day 2

The Fire Forge

Rise to the fire with clean and hot Costa Rican air and a personalized training experience with Nathan McHone. Spend the rest of the day adventuring through the jungle on motorcycles or 4 wheelers ending in a discussion of the heart's greatest desires as the sun sets.

Day 3

The Hammer and Anvil

Continue the forging process with a day of light exercise and recuperation in the hot springs or spring-fed rivers while you meditate in the wilderness and upon the oasis of your parents and the teachers who acted and existed to bend you into shape.

Day 4

The Grind

Identify how deep you really are in the grinding process, understand at some point you must stop grinding and learn when and how to transition out of the grind and into “The Sharpening”

Day 5

The Sharpening

Learn how to travel the world at no cost with your friends, make strategic investments, earn a passive income for you and your family, be a part of a powerful mastermind membership, and finally learn how to work less and get more out of your body and mind so that you can show up for your hearts greatest desires.

Day 6

The Test

Set the tone for your return home where the fights shall come and your lethality, strength, and sharpness will be tested against your heart's greatest desires. Know that you have bonded with a brotherhood that has your back and you are part of a mastermind of men that has all the answers and support you need to win the battles you are to face.

VIP Experience

Includes two extra days in the mansion with other VIPS to bond even further and learn more about becoming a founding father of the mastermind brotherhood + $750 includes transportation to airport but not meals OR stay in the event mansion and wake up earlier and not have to worry about transportation to the venue. Motorcycles are also available for personal transportation for an additional $400 for 6 days and you must have valid drivers license and credit card for incidentals.

Whats Included in the Investment?
Transportation (personal motocycle +$400 for 6 days)
Lodging and BnB’s
All main course meals and VIP experience has stocked pantry with juices, basics, and fresh fruits and drinks.
Adventures such as ATVs, fishing, sailboating, jetrides, rafting, watergfall rapelling, hot springs, hiking ALL INCLUDED!
Personal Training and Health Coaching
Chiropractic care and Massages
Forged in Fire MENtality curriculum written by Dr. Josh Henk
Personal souvenirs, excess consumption, and additional massages available upon request and for an additional cost separately.
Passport required, no vaccine or covid requirements, Credit, USD and Colones accepted.

Immerse. Connect. Transform.

Register Now

Enty Level Experience

$1,500 Deposit
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VIP Experience

Lodging in Mansion OR 2 day Extension

$2,000 Deposit
Get Ticket

VIP Deluxe Experience

Lodging in Mansion and 2 Day Extension + 1-2-1 coaching with Dr. Josh everyday!

$2,000 Deposit
Get Ticket
$400 - Personal Motorcycle Additional to any package due upon arrival.
Ask about our Monthly Payment Plans. Invite a friend and receive $250 off each ticket.

We are going to ask big questions like:

What’s one limiting belief that no longer serves you and you could stand to let go of?
What are your hearts greatest desires and what specifically do you hope to gain from them?
What has been the toughest part of fighting these battles alone and are you ready to fight them together?
What’s one area of your life where you’re trapped in the shadow and want to live in the light?

If you had to be a certain weapon to achieve your goals, who and what would you need to be and which weapon best defines you?
Do you want to learn how to strategically invest, travel the world with your friends, and earn a passive income for you and your family?
Whats your one ask that if you got an answer to, would make this event worth it?


Admission to the big event, you will book your own stay at the Line Hotel. Info sent upon registration.
Absolutely. Each day includes 2-3 hours of unstructured time for you to connect as you’d like.
We don’t recommend bringing family with you while you’re at this event.
Of course, just contact our team once you’re confirmed and we can help.
Nope, this event is open to all fathers! But if you are a member, prepare to meet a bunch of familiar facing from the community!
Tickets are fully refundable up to 30 days before the event. Within 2 weeks of the event you are eligible for a 50% refund or you may defer the whole amount to next year’s event. After we are 7 days out from the event, your investment will go on to generously fund the FRD mission (ticket becomes non-refundable and non-transferable).

Ready to transcend?

Our transcending approach is to find and correct the underlying cause of your condition, not just treat your symptoms.
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