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Headaches, neck pain, and sudden bouts of jaw pain; what can you initially make out of this terrible trio? Do you often experience all three after navigating several challenges and a long hectic work week? Have these symptoms taken over your life, relationship, work responsibilities, and overall wellness? Are these the only thing you can think about every single day? 

Many patients seeking TMJ relief in Sterling Heights MI, often have these three health mishaps. And most of them have already confirmed with their general practitioners that they have TMJ disorders. 

If you are newly diagnosed with TMJD, you might find it helpful to go through our discussion on two of the most highly recommended sources of TMJ pain relief: upper cervical chiropractic and massage therapy.


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Massage Therapy and Upper Cervical Care: Why They Work So Well for TMJ Pain

Several case studies support the claims that upper cervical care and massage therapy help patients recover or cope better with TMJ disorders. Here are a few findings from research papers we found across various medical journals:


How to Use Massage Therapy for TMJ Pain Relief

If you want to try massage therapy, you must know your key trigger points in the jaw. These include the following: 

Press these trigger points to release tension and improve your TMJ pain. You can also try friction massage – a technique that promotes blood circulation by kneading and rolling on the tender parts. This can help deal with muscle knots, especially along your upper back.


How to Use Upper Cervical Care to Fix Your TMJ Problem

Have you had a history of getting into a car accident or hurting your neck during a competitive sports competition? Have you recently given birth and noticed changes in your posture? Do you have cervical disc problems? If you answer yes to all three queries, you need to consider upper cervical chiropractic care. 

It’s a trusted remedy for TMJD that applies to almost any patient; young or old; male or female; with comorbidities or not; rest assured, you can get quality care when you work closely with your upper cervical care doctor.

massage therapy, Upper Cervical Care, TMJ relief in Sterling Heights MI

Try a Trusted Source of TMJ Relief in Sterling Heights MI

Chronic health problems like TMJD aren’t virtually impossible to manage. That’s why it would be best to seek a potential source of relief before the damage to your temporomandibular joint worsens. The sooner you can remove pressure on the joints, the better and quicker changes you can see. 

Consult with one of our cervical chiropractors to learn how you can enjoy significant TMJ relief in Sterling Heights MI, with the help of chiropractic adjustments on the atlas bone.

Help your body heal from poorly addressed neck and head injuries from the past so you can achieve better health. Upper cervical care has worked wonders for countless patients, especially those who have almost given up hope on finding a lasting source of TMJ relief. Schedule your appointment with either Dr. Josh Henk or Dr. Kenzie Henk today! Let’s help you embrace an all-improved version of yourself with the help of gentle neck bone adjustments.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Henk, call our Sterling Heights office at (586) 943-0584. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

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