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Have you ever experienced a migraine attack that seemed to coincide with other symptoms in your body? How do you manage daily activities when a migraine flare-up occurs? Are there specific triggers that you've noticed increase both your migraine frequency and symptoms linked to inflammation? Have you found any particular strategies or lifestyle changes that have helped reduce the severity or frequency and give lasting migraine relief in Sterling Heights MI? 

Are certain foods or environmental factors you've identified as potential contributors to your condition? How does your pain and discomfort affect your emotional well-being or overall quality of life? Have you ever felt misunderstood or dismissed by others when explaining your condition? 

Migraines, affecting nearly 1 billion people globally and 39 million in the United States alone, remain enigmatic and challenging to treat. Traditional approaches, from antidepressants to painkillers, often yield inconsistent results. Recent research, however, suggests a potential breakthrough in understanding the root cause of migraines – inflammation.


Research on Migraines and Inflammation

A study published in Nature Genetics challenges the conventional classification of migraines as a central nervous system disorder. Led by Andrey Rzhetsky from the University of Chicago, the research reveals unexpected correlations. Migraines, traditionally associated with the nervous system, appear more closely linked to inflammatory conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), cystitis, and urethritis.

This paradigm shift opens the door to novel perspectives on migraine care. The study suggests that the widely accepted classification methods, like the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), may be missing crucial connections. It urges a reevaluation of how migraines are understood and treated.

The study delves into the genetic and environmental factors influencing migraines. Surprisingly, migraines and conditions like IBS share genetic similarities, while migraines and inflammatory conditions like cystitis show environmental links. Analyzing data from 130,000 families, the research highlights the importance of considering both genetic and environmental factors in understanding and treating migraines.

While it doesn't imply a direct causal relationship, the findings suggest shared genetic and environmental factors among individuals suffering from migraines, IBS, and inflammatory conditions. This insight prompts researchers and healthcare professionals to explore new avenues for migraine management.


Natural Relief for Migraine Relief in Sterling Heights MI

One promising avenue for relieving migraines involves Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Focusing on the C1 and C2 vertebrae, upper cervical chiropractors address misalignments that could contribute to migraines. These misalignments may stress the brainstem, leading to improper signaling and inflammation.

Upper Cervical Care employs gentle adjustments that encourage the bones to ease back in their original positions. This approach often results in longer-lasting natural relief for migraine in Sterling Heights, reducing the frequency of necessary visits. Many individuals report improvements or even the elimination of migraines after just a few sessions.

The evolving understanding of migraines and their potential link to inflammation opens new possibilities for adequate care. Exploring genetic and environmental factors and innovative approaches like Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care may pave the way for more targeted and successful migraine care.

migraine relief in Sterling Heights MI, natural relief for migraine in Sterling Heights, Sterling Heights Chiropractic Care, Sterling Heights MI Chiropractors

Sterling Heights Chiropractic Care is Your Key to Renewed Health and Less Severe Migraine Symptoms

Accidents, injuries, or poor posture may contribute to misalignments in the upper cervical spine, leading to misalignments and eventually manifesting physically, including migraines. Sterling Heights Chiropractic Care aims to restore balance and alignment to the upper cervical bones, offering lasting relief. If your symptoms have been recurring despite your efforts, you might benefit from this type of care.

Visit Transcendence Family Wellness Center and get your upper cervical spine alignment checked as soon as possible. The sooner you do so, the sooner you will find lasting relief.  Let us help you reclaim your life without worrying about migraines linked to misalignments again. Book your consultation with one of our Sterling Heights MI Chiropractors.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Henk, call our Sterling Heights office at 586-943-0584. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

tension headache, chiropractor for migraine in Sterling Heights

Have you ever found yourself struggling through a day, unable to focus, with a throbbing pain on one side of your head? Or have you experienced episodes where your head seems caught in a relentless vice, the dull ache stretching from your neck to your forehead? Living with migraines or tension headaches can be a debilitating experience, altering the quality of life and affecting daily functioning. For those in such situations, finding a reliable solution, like consulting a chiropractor for migraine in Sterling Heights, becomes vital.


Key Distinctions Between Migraine and Tension Headache

Migraines and tension headaches, though both painful, have some distinct characteristics that set them apart. Migraines typically present with a pulsating or throbbing pain on one side of the head, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and heightened sensitivity to light and sound. They can be preceded by aura—visual disturbances like flashing lights or zigzagging lines. The pain can last for hours or days, and physical activity might worsen the discomfort.

On the other hand, tension headaches often manifest as a constant dull ache on both sides of the head, creating a sensation of tightness or pressure around the forehead, temples, or back of the head and neck. These headaches are usually not accompanied by the additional symptoms seen in migraines and don’t worsen with physical activity. While migraines have a complex etiology involving genetic and environmental factors, tension headaches are commonly triggered by stress, eye strain, or poor posture.


Atlas Subluxation: An Overlooked Trigger Worth Discussing with a Chiropractor for Migraine in Sterling Heights

An atlas subluxation is an often overlooked trigger for migraines and tension headaches. The atlas and axis are the first two cervical vertebrae supporting the head, and any misalignment can impact neurological and vascular functions, potentially leading to headaches. Poor posture, prolonged sitting, or previous neck injuries can contribute to this misalignment.

In such cases, it’s crucial to examine one’s posture and ensure that the atlas and axis bones are properly aligned. Atlas subluxation can lead to altered blood flow to the brain and irritate the surrounding nerves, thus acting as a catalyst for both tension headaches and migraines. Addressing this misalignment through specific chiropractic adjustments can potentially alleviate the frequency and severity of these headaches.

tension headache, chiropractor for migraine in Sterling Heights

Consider Booking an Appointment with a Chiropractor for Migraine in Sterling Heights

For Sterling Heights, MI, residents seeking relief from persistent headaches, the unique approach of Upper Cervical Care offered at Transcendence Family Wellness Center is worth exploring. This specialized form of chiropractic focuses on correcting atlas subluxation, aiming to restore proper alignment and improve neurological function.

Upper Cervical Care goes beyond merely targeting the symptoms; it delves into identifying and rectifying the underlying cause of the discomfort. Doing so offers a holistic solution to those plagued by migraines or tension headaches. This method is a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of spinal health in overall well-being.

Living with migraines or tension headaches can be arduous, but understanding the distinctions and underlying triggers is the first step toward finding relief. An atlas subluxation might be the overlooked catalyst, and addressing this misalignment could be the key to alleviating your symptoms. If you grapple with persistent headaches, considering a chiropractor for migraine in Sterling Heights, particularly one specializing in Upper Cervical Care, could be a significant step forward. We also strongly recommend booking an appointment with our office if you have a history of whiplash, concussion, TBI, and other neck or head injuries.

Reach out and book an appointment with Transcendence Family Wellness Center, a trusted chiropractor for migraine in Sterling Heights, and embark on a journey towards a pain-free life.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Henk, call our Sterling Heights office at 586-943-0584. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

chiropractor for migraine in Sterling Heights

Have you been dealing with migraine headaches for a long time? Are you tired of going back and forth finding remedies that work? 

Just when you think the worse has passed, you realize that you're yet to overcome the "migraine hangover" phase. That's right, hangover headaches. They’re awful, and they're as real as they can get. Moreover, they can cause significant pain if you fail to find a suitable remedy. Imagine having to skip going to work for several days because your migraine attacks can’t seem to have enough of you! 

Countless patients seeking a chiropractor for migraine in Sterling Heights share a similar, if not worse, story. Like you, they experience lingering symptoms right after their headaches. 

These symptoms include nausea, sensory sensitivity, unexplainable fatigue, stuffy nose, and sleeping problems. Several migraineurs also note that their hangover phase can last for several hours or days, preventing them from attending to responsibilities and managing challenges. 

Have you experienced two or more of these hangover headache symptoms? You’re in luck! We have gathered all the remedies that work so well to relieve migraine episodes and their different phases. 

#1. Steer Clear of Food Triggers 

Like the initial phases of migraines, the hangover phase can also get triggered by almost the same food products. These include those that contain heaps of tyramine -  an amino acid that several studies attribute to chronic migraine episodes. You might also want to double-check your fluid intake, especially during warm or humid seasons. This helps keep your blood pressure steady, decreasing your risks for painful headaches and other equally debilitating symptoms.  

#2. Get Enough Shut-eye at Night 

How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Eight? Five? Two hours maybe? Studies have long proven that good quality sleep is crucial to optimal health. Conversely, the shorter time you spend sleeping at night, the highly likely you will experience problems like: 

#3. Work on Your Stressors

Too much stress from break ups, financial hurdles, death of a loved one, job loss, and other factors can put you at risk for a ton of health concerns, including painful migraine episodes and hangover headaches. That’s because stress prompts the body’s flight and fight response mode, which in turn leads to things such as: 

So you might find it extremely helpful to work on your sources of stress in life. Tap into relaxation tactics, counseling therapy, or exercise. You are also more than welcome to pick up a new hobby. Studies have shown that this is promising in alleviating chronic pain and calming overexcited nerves such as your trigeminal nerve – a structure studies widely link to painful migraine episodes.

chiropractor for migraine in Sterling Heights

#4. Address Injuries to Your Neck and Head

Besides the proven migraine hacks listed above, many patients observe significant changes in their migraine symptoms and episodes by seeking upper cervical care. While it’s not among the first remedies people come up with when you ask them for suggestions, it’s most definitely a promising option. 

Injuries from several years ago can have lasting repercussions

The technique's mechanism and efficacy hinge on the belief that neck and head injuries from several years or months ago can cause invisible problems to your posture. For example, if you suffer a blow to the neck during a heated football training match, the ligaments connecting your neck, head, and spine can get torn. This results in the shifting of the atlas and axis bones and consequently trigger a myriad of issues on your spine that can increase your risks for worse migraines.  

This is likely the reason why your migraines are so bad, even though you’ve tapped into every possible source of relief in your city. Now, unless you address the misalignment with upper cervical care, the bones will stay in an awkward position. It also prevents your body from functioning correctly and causes your spine and every tissue attached to twist. In the long run, your neck bone misalignment can cause you to experience add-on issues such as searing nerve pain or debilitating vertigo episodes. 

Book Your Consultation With A Chiropractor For Migraine In Sterling Heights

Thankfully, you can see improvements in your posture and the painful symptoms you have with the help of a chiropractor for migraine in Sterling Heights. Upper Cervical Chiropractors like Dr. Henk help address postural imbalances with gentle neck adjustments. 

Carefully planned neck bone adjustments can help undo the effects of your previous injuries to your head and neck. It can also help you become a stronger and happier version of yourself, free from recurring migraine episodes. Here are some of the usual causes of neck bone misalignments of patients coming to chiropractic clinics like ours: 

Book your appointment with Dr. Josh Henk and the Transcendence Family Wellness Center so we can help you detect “invisible” changes to your cervical spine and abnormal tilting of your head to one side of your body. This way, you can help your body heal better and remove undue pressure on your nervous system. 


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Henk, call our Sterling Heights office at 586-943-0584. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

Migraines have several symptoms that leave varying impacts on the body. Get to know six of the most debilitating symptoms that come with your migraine episodes so you can better manage your symptoms. For longer-lasting and drug-free relief, our chiropractor in Sterling Heights knows of a type of care that you might want to check out!

Our practice is here to help you understand and manage your painful health complaints. Call us and book your appointment with Dr. Henk at 586-943-0584 or click the button below.

basilar migraine, migraine relief in Sterling Heights

Migraine is a debilitating condition. It might be difficult to discern if you’re having mild or severe attacks, especially if you’re new to this painful world of migraines. You see, finding proper migraine relief in Sterling Heights is only challenging when you don’t know exactly where it’s coming from. Getting a proper diagnosis is vital to help manage your symptoms. Understanding the type of migraine you have can lead you to better remedy options that can work.


Different types of migraines

#1. Abdominal Migraines

This type of migraine is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. It is common in children and adults and can cause significant abdominal discomfort for 1 to 72 hours.

#2. Hemiplegic Migraines

This rare migraine type can cause temporary paralysis on one side of the body or your face. If you suffer from this type, you may also experience an aura or visual disturbances that can linger for days, weeks, or even longer. To ensure you’ll get migraine relief in Sterling Heights that works, keep track of your symptoms before you visit your doctor to help them assess you better.

#3. Migraine with Aura

Episodes of aura can happen before the migraine, often involving visual disturbances, speech problems, and other sensory issues. Some of the sensory problems may also occur during the migraine attack.

#4. Ocular Migraines

Also called retinal migraines, ocular migraines’ primary symptoms are usually visual. However, this type can happen without the most common migraine symptom - a headache. Some visual symptoms of this type may include temporary blindness, partial loss of vision, or you might see twinkling lights.

#5. Basilar Migraines

This is also a rare type of migraine, which is also called migraine with brainstem aura (MBA). If you have this type, you may experience visual disturbances such as blurred vision or temporary vision loss. For this article, we’ll focus more on this type as this can usually confuse people as it can mimic a hemiplegic migraine and migraine with a typical aura. This type also only affects about 1.5% of people who experience headaches.

Basilar migraine can potentially be more disabling than migraine without aura and with aura. This type’s increased severity and symptoms sometimes linger for longer periods than others. Understanding your symptoms and triggers can help you get to the root cause of your episodes.


Symptoms of Basilar Migraines

If you suffer from this type of migraine, you may notice the following symptoms:


Triggers of Basilar Migraines

The primary cause of basilar migraine is not entirely known. Instead, you can familiarize yourself with basilar migraine triggers and intentionally avoid them to help prevent or reduce your migraine episodes. When you get frequent attacks, you may also want to start a migraine diary and take note of the foods you eat or activities you do before a migraine attack. This can show you a pattern that reveals your triggers. Watch out for these possible basilar migraine triggers:


Lifestyle changes to help manage migraine


Getting Basilar Migraine relief in Sterling Heights

Basilar migraine usually begins in your brainstem. The brainstem is located right at the top of the neck where your skull ends, linking the brain to the spinal cord. You typically get disabling headaches due to the disturbance in your brainstem function. Fortunately, correcting the cause of the disruption in your brainstem can lead to overall migraine relief.

Upper cervical chiropractic care is non-invasive and natural chiropractic care that successfully manages basilar and other migraine types. Your migraines can sometimes stem from a misalignment of your bones, particularly the upper cervical spine. If your C1 or C2 vertebrae in the neck area shift out of alignment, your brainstem endures excessive stress and pressure, leading to migraines.


Call a Trusted Chiropractic Doctor in Sterling Heights

If you’ve been experiencing bouts of migraine and have tried other relief options and lifestyle changes, perhaps it’s time to get your spine alignment checked, particularly your upper cervical spine.

Transcendence Family Wellness Center is a trusted center for upper cervical care located in Van Dyke Avenue, Sterling Heights. Dr. Josh Henk is a professional upper cervical chiropractic doctor who can help correct your spine misalignment to let your body heal and manage your migraine symptoms. He uses a safe and gentle technique to realign and balance your spine for your body to heal naturally. When your body slowly regains its normal function without interference, you notice your symptoms becoming less until they eventually disappear.

To get lasting migraine relief in Sterling Heights in a natural and non-invasive way, call us today and book your schedule via (586) 943-0584 or use our online contact form.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Henk, call our Sterling Heights office at 586-943-0584. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

Unlike other types of migraines that exist, silent migraines are relatively rare. Are you familiar with this health complaint? If not, we encourage you to check out some essential facts about silent migraines. Our trusted upper cervical chiropractor in Sterling Heights also tackles your best option for improving your symptoms.

We are here to help you understand and manage your pains. Call us and book your appointment with Dr. Henk at 586-943-0584 or click the button below.

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