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Transcendence Family Wellness Center

We are committed to helping you find wellness through our specialized care. Our goal is to provide a truly transformational experience.

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What Makes Us Different

Our doctors begin with a unique scientific analysis to identify the various needs of the individual. From this information, our team will customize a holistic healthcare strategy using a variety of natural and holistic methods to positively stimulate healing from the inside-out.

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Our mission is to offer hope and inspire families to transcend the modern healthcare paradigm by demonstrating that healing comes from within.
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Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Perinatal and Pediatrics
Full- Spine Chiropractic
Webster Technique
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Weight Loss Program
Functional Medicine
Herbs, Vitamins, and Minerals
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Private Health Consulting
Customized Nutrition
Meal Planning
Exercise Program
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Lymphatic Drainage
Myofascial Release
Trigger Point Therapy
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New Member Results

  • Marilyn came into our office with several health issues that she needed guide with. She loves to travel, garden , and be active as much as she can through her pain and diagnosis of Type II Diabetes and Chronic Pain.

    Slowly her life began to fade away as her energy, weight, and the pain began to weigh her done. Finally she had enough and came under care with Dr. Josh Henk. In just 4 short months, Marilyn was able to overcome all of her health conditions and no longer takes medications to manage her conditions. She even sent us this message after blood work.

    I am so elated! You are the first I am telling of the good news! My A1C was 6.6 and Dr. Stanton has been pleased with me. That is 8.39 down to 6.6 in 4 months. It works Dr. Josh! Thank you so much!
    Marilyn Tobin
  • Jennifer initially came into our office 3 ½ years ago with plantar fasciitis and foot pain after running in a marathon. She works full time and manages being a mom of two children active in soccer competitions, gymnastics, and volleyball. She has been running marathons for years without pain, but it finally caught up.

    On top of the plantar fasciitis stopping her from running, she also lived with neck and elbow pain. All of this was interfering with her ability to live life and play with her children. Eventually, she decided to look for a Chiropractor that she could take herself and children to see. Since receiving care at with Dr. Iftikhar and Dr. Josh, her foot pain became a thing of the past and she can now live and run freely without pain.

    We still see Jennifer and her family on a regular basis for wellness chiropractic care over the past 3 1/2 years!
    Jennifer Sebolka
  • Josh came to our office after living with shoulder pain following a sports injury. For several years he has lived with neck, lower back, and shoulder pain which he feels have been getting progressively worse. On top of that he was tired, retaining more weight than he would like, and was rarely able to kayak and go biking.

    He manages an HVAC crew and is constantly performing repetitive overhead work. After working for years building systems for hospitals and sport venues, Josh’s body had really taken on some stress. Finally, he decided to look for a Chiropractor.

    He tried every possible remedy in the past but nothing was permanent. Since receiving Upper Cervical Chiropractic care with Dr. Josh, he has now been able to live a healthier life on all levels!
    Josh Berger

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Our transcending approach is to find and correct the underlying cause of your condition, not just treat your symptoms.
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